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Your Leader in Alberta Window Cleaning

Back in the late 1970s, Gord started cleaning windows to make a few extra bucks for his family. He was passionate for the business and loved his work. Clients enjoyed his workmanship as well and the list of customers began to grow. This formative time was the launching point for what is now a highly successful enterprise.

From Our Humble Beginnings, We’ve Become an Industry Leader

Over 30 years later, Gord’s Window Cleaning Ltd. is larger than Gord alone. Our growth has been well planned as we now have teams of specialists and technicians throughout the province. We have become the premier supplier of window cleaning in the Alberta Capital region.

We Combine a Wealth of Resources with Personalized, Local Service

We offer you a wealth of resources that only a large window cleaning corporation can offer; yet our local service provides our clients with the individual attention you deserve. If we undertake your project today, we’ll stand behind our work tomorrow. This gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Gord’s Window Cleaning Ltd. guarantees:

  • On schedule completion
  • Cost-effective process from beginning to end
  • Final product exceeds expectations
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value

Complete and Customized Work for a Variety of Clients

Our large, fully trained team can easily manage multiple projects simultaneously. We specialize in a broad range of services, providing complete and customized work for a variety of satisfied clients. We have experience working on government buildings, commercial buildings and towers, shopping centres, storefronts, hotels, multi-residential complexes, schools and private homes. We handle some of the largest Edmonton window cleaning projects.

Seamless Service to Avoid Interruptions to Your Daily Routine

Gord’s Window Cleaning Ltd. is dedicated to providing top-quality service that is seamless, meaning it will be free of interruptions or delays. Our customer service program allows us to understand each client’s expectations, ensuring that your project will be completed without miscommunication.

Our On-Site Supervisors are Free to Focus on Quality

Each crew is managed by a highly experienced supervisor, whose primary responsibility is to focus on providing superior customer service and safety. We have an administrative office in Edmonton that handles all accounting, information technology and insurance management functions to relieve our supervisors of those duties. We are a fully insured, C.O.R. safety certified operation.

We Protect You with a Comprehensive Insurance Package

Gord’s Window Cleaning Ltd. protects you with a comprehensive insurance package. Aside from the normal and statutory required workers compensation insurance, general liability and automotive liability, we have multiple levels of liability insurance coverage with aggregate limits of $5 million. Our success in securing such comprehensive insurance is directly related to our risk management and safety and training programs. Our general managers think, believe and work with safety. We develop, implement and audit our many safety and training programs.

Proactive Leadership Keeps Us at the Forefront of Industry Issues

As a company, we understand your specific business needs. Our involvement allows us to be proactive regarding many industry issues, while keeping us in the forefront of new laws, standards, products and services that affect your property.

Make a Wise Investment with Gord’s Window Cleaning Ltd.

Overall, we are guided by our vision and our principles of how to treat our employees and clients. This single mindedness allows us to complete our mission of protecting and enhancing the value of the property owners’ investments.

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